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  • Citadelle Extreme Old Tom Gin

Citadelle Extreme Old Tom Gin

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Citadelle Extreme Old Tom Gin is the first of the Citadelle Extrêmes launched in 2016.

Named after an 19th century nickname for gin, No Mistake Old Tom Gin is a deliciously full-bodied and elegant take on the sweeter forefather of London Dry Gin.

For his interpretation of this historical style, Citadelle’s Master Distiller Alexandre Gabriel chose to use a brown sugar he found in the Caribbean which is similar to Demereara, moist & heavy. The sugar is caramelised, aged and added to Citadelle Reserve - and then aged again in six different types of barrels including ex-cognac, mulberry, & chestnut casks.

Citadelle Reserve was chosen for its floral flavours - which are enhanced further by the sweetness. The addition of the sugar brings a sweet and sour profile of soft caramel, almond, anise & lemon zest as well as spiced notes lengthening the finish.

Pale gold in colour. Nicely integrated herbal-juniper freshness over underlying notes of vanilla, lemon cough lozenge and pepper. Follows through with an oily, semi-sweet profile including flavours of cough lozenge, lemon iced tea, candied pineapple and a warming, delicate peppermint / juniper finish. London dry finish. Complex and beautifully textured. Only 6500 bottles produced.

 Volume: 700ml ABV: 46%

Country: France