Champagne Leclerc Briant Abyss Brut Zero 2015



Estimated delivery between June 23 and June 25.

The first edition of Abyss was made from the 2012 harvest for underwater ageing by Leclerc Briant, in association with Amphoris, a company specializing in undersea projects. This is the fourth release and made with wines from the 2015 harvest, blended and bottled in June 2016, disgorged in March 2019 and then off to Brittany in June 2019 where it spends just over 12 months aging 60 metres under the sea, before being retrieved in autumn 2020. The grapes that make up this cuvée were harvested from Champagne village where limestone subsoil is the norm.

Cuvée Abyss is a champagne with a tangy taste, which matches the expectations of style, given its underwater aging heritage.

What the critics say

"Bottle aged for 12 months at a depth of 60 metres under sea, this cuvée is composed of one-third Pinot Noir from Villers-Allerand, one-third Chardonnay from Montgueux and one-third Pinot Meunier from Chamery. Fresh, floral nose with a sea tang to it, but also a bit of reduction just after opening. The palate is elegant but incredibly taut, while the taste has an alluring oxidative element interacting with its white fruit. This is a Champagne that will shine at the dinner table. Drinking Window 2025 - 2050."

Decanter - Yohan Castaing