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  • Boodles British London Dry Gin

Boodles British London Dry Gin

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Boodles has a rich history and the gin was reputed to be a favourite of the likes of Ian Fleming (the James Bond writer) and Winston Churchill. It was named after the Boodles Gentleman's Club in St. James's, London, which was founded in 1762 and originally run by Edward Boodle. 

A rather unique London Dry gin in that it does not have a citrus side to the flavour, instead this gin gets its light characteristics primarily from a blend of herbs and spices. On the nose, the gin is light with a gentle coriander note. To taste initially you get herby coriander flavours, followed by a sweetness which mellows out, and is followed by a dry and slightly bitter finish. 

Volume: 700ml ABV: 40%

Country: England