Bardouin Grande Absente Green Bottle 69% 700 ml


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How do you drink it?A few ideas to use depending on your tastes and desires.... ;Traditionally, with the absinthe spoon ritual: Place a piece of sugar soaked with Grande Absente on an absinthe spoon placed on the edge of the glass. Light the sugar with a flame. Gently pour the water over it, to slowly dissolve the sugar and to tint the liqueur with an opalescent green. ;Pour the Grande Absente over shaved ice. ;Add a little water only for those who prefer bitter drinks that are not very sweet. ?And those who love strong sensations will appreciate Grande Absente neat, at 69% alc/vol. ;In cocktailsOrganoleptic Profile:Appearance: beautiful clear green color with yellow reflections, which look clear and brilliant.Nose: The aromatic power of grande absinthe dominates with the characteristic camphor and menthol notes which then mix in with fresh anise and spice notes.Taste: a powerful attack due to the presence of absinthe, then the structured development leaves room for a fresh and spiced final note that gives the product its lingering taste.Storage: at room temperature, not over 25?C or in the refrigerator. Store the bottle upright. No expiration date.